Q & A: What changes will I see in Gmail after installing Streak?

Here at Streak, we belive that your CRM and your inbox shouldn't operate separately because an integrated system allows you to get more done and stay more organized. After installing Streak, you should see a few new additions added directly to your Gmail. What's new?

Streak Menu

Clicking on the Streak link at the top of your Gmail will expose the Streak Menu. In the Streak Menu, you can:

Additions to the Toolbar

When an email is highlighted, you will see two additional options in your toolbar to:

Inbox Indicators

Quickly see which emails have been added to a Box with the highlighted Box icon and inbox indicators

Sent Mail Sub-folders

Under your Sent Mail folder, we've added three sub-folders to help see which messages are generating a response

Snooze Folder

Find your Snoozed emails collected in one spot in the Snoozed folder.

Pipelines List

Create new Pipelines and manage existing Pipelines from the Pipelines list.

Additions to the Compose Window

Streak is also integrated into your compose window, offering access to what you need, when you need it! 

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