Integrating Google Calendar With Streak Using Zapier

Using Streak to manage your data is very convenient when you already live inside of Gmail. Likely you already use Google Calendar to manage your time. With this Zap, you can improve your efficiency further by automatically creating GCal events from Boxes in a specific pipeline.

How It Works

  • A new Box gets created in a Streak Pipeline
  • Zapier sees the new Box and creates a Google Calendar event for you

What You Need

  • A Streak account
  • A Google Calendar account

Create Your Zap

Click here to use a pre-made template and automatically create a Google Calendar when a new box is created in Streak. Or:

  1. Sign into your Zapier account. 
  2. Choose your Streak account from the list of accounts, or connect a new account.
    1. To connect a new Streak account follow these instructions.
  3. Choose your Google Calendar account from the list of accounts, or connect a new account.
  4. Customize your your calendar event by inserting Streak fields. 
  5. Click Save + Finish.
  6. Now test the Zap to make sure it works. Once you're satisfied with the results, new Boxes added to your Streak Pipeline will create a new Calendar event automatically. 
  7. Edit anytime from your Zapier dashboard.
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