Integrating Slack With Streak Using Zapier, New Boxes in Streak are sent to Slack

Rather than flipping back and forth between Gmail and Slack, use this Streak Slack integration to automatically send messages to a Slack channel when a new box is created in Streak.

How It Works

  • A new box is created in Streak
  • Zapier sends a message to a designated Slack channel

What You Need

  • Streak account
  • Slack account

Create Your Zap

Click here to use a pre-made template and automatically send a Slack message when a new Box is created in Streak. Or:

  1. Sign into your Zapier account.
  2. Choose your Slack account from the list of accounts, or connect a new account.
    1. Connect your Slack account. After clicking on Connect, you’ll have the chance to select your Slack team if you’re already signed in, or you can enter your team name and account details to connect.
  3. Choose your Streak account from the list of accounts, or connect a new account.
    1. To connect a new Streak account follow these instructions.
  4. You’re almost done. All that’s left is to match up the information from your Slack form to the lead fields in your Streak account. 
  5. Click Save + Finish
  6. Now test the Zap to make sure it works. Once you're satisfied with the results, new Slack notifications will be sent for new Boxes in your Streak Pipeline automatically. 
  7. Note - if you ever want to change this Streak and Gmail integration, just go to your Zapier dashboard and adjust anything you'd like.
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