Introduction to Zapier Integrations

If you've ever wanted to use Streak with another tool (like Slack, Wufoo, or Google Sheets), Zapier is the easiest method! Zapier lets you connect Streak to other services with a few clicks, no coding needed. Anytime something happens inside Streak, Zapier can let another service know. Even better, when something happens outside of Streak, Zapier can update your Boxes. 

Read more about what Zapier does here.

If you're ready to setup your Streak account in Zapier, click here.

Most Popular Streak Integrations

Lead Capture Integrations

Automatically create a box when a form is filled out from 3rd-party lead capture tools such as Wufoo, Typeform, Jotform, and much more.

Email Marketing Integrations

Integrate Streak with over 25 Email Marketing apps.

Call logs/Meeting Integrations

Make calls or schedule meetings, and automatically have those logged into Streak.

G Suite/Google Integrations

Zapier allows you to integrate Streak with even more Google/G Suite products including Google Sheet, Forms, Calendar, Forms, Drive, and more.

Streak Automation

Streak to Streak Zapier integration allows you to automate more complex workflows.

Remember, Zapier connects with over 750 applications.  Take a look at Zapier’s Streak Integrations to find out more.

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