Overview of Zapier Actions and Triggers

Zapier users can create automations between Streak and more than 750 apps by using our Triggers and Actions. 

Supported Triggers- A Trigger is any event that sets your Zap in motion. 

  • Box Email Received Count Change - Triggers when the counter for emails received on a Box changes.
  • Task Complete - Triggers when a Task is completed.
  • New Box - Triggered when a new Box is created.
  • New Box Email Address - These are email addresses that have been added to a Streak Box in some way.
  • New Comment - Triggers when a Comment is made on a Box in a Pipeline.
  • Updated Box - Triggers when a Field on a Box is updated.
  • Box Change Pipeline - Triggers when a Box is moved between Pipelines.
  • New Task - Triggers when a Task is created.
  • Task Due - Triggers when a Task becomes due, but it not yet completed.
  • New Pipeline - Triggered when a new Pipeline is created
  • Box Change Stage - Triggers when a Box changes Stage.
  • New Stage - Triggers when a new stage is added to a Pipeline.

Supported Actions - An Action is an event that's completed in a second app automatically. 

  • Create Email Filter - Create an email filter that's part of a box.
  • Link Boxes - Link multiple Boxes together
  • Create Comment - Create a comment on a box
  • Edit Task - Edit a Task
  • Create Task - Create a new Task on a Box.
  • Edit Box - Edit fields, stage, assigned to, name and notes on an existing box
  • Create New Box - Create a new Box.
  • Create Call Log/Meeting Note - Create a call log or meeting note on an existing box

Supported Searches - Searches help you look up Streak data and can be useful on their own, or they can be combined with Actions to perform "Get or Create" style logic.

  • Box Search - Searches for a Box either by a query or exact name (case sensitive)
  • Get Box by Key - Fetch a Box using the Box Key

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