Streak Integrations Via Zapier

If you've ever wanted to use Streak with another tool (like Slack, Wufoo, or Google Sheets), Zapier is the easiest method! Zapier lets you connect Streak to other services with a few clicks, no coding needed. Anytime something happens inside Streak, Zapier can let another service know. Even better, when something happens outside of Streak, Zapier can update your Boxes. 

Here are some of the things you can now do with Streak + Zapier:

  • Create a Streak Box every time someone fills out a Wufoo form
  • Create a Streak Box every time a new Gmail message comes in matching a certain criteria (i.e. from a certain person)
  • Send an email or a Slack message whenever a new Box has been created
  • Push Streak Box data to Google Spreadsheets
  • Create a new Streak Box when a new email arrives to your inbox
  • You can even integrate Streak + Streak for the ultimate automation! 

Streak Triggers and Actions

Zapier members can create automations between more than 400 apps by using Triggers and Actions. Each Trigger and Action combo makes a Zap

Supported Triggers- A Trigger is any event that sets your Zap in motion. 

  • Box Email Received Count Change - Triggers when the counter for emails received on a Box changes.
  • Task Complete - Triggers when a Task is completed.
  • New Box - Triggered when a new Box is created.
  • New Box Email Address - These are email addresses that have been added to a Streak Box in some way.
  • New Comment - Triggers when a Comment is made on a Box in a Pipeline.
  • Updated Box - Triggers when a Field on a Box is updated.
  • Box Change Pipeline - Triggers when a Box is moved between Pipelines.
  • New Task - Triggers when a Task is created.
  • Task Due - Triggers when a Task becomes due, but it not yet completed.
  • New Pipeline - Triggered when a new Pipeline is created
  • Box Change Stage - Triggers when a Box changes Stage.
  • New Stage - Triggers when a new stage is added to a Pipeline.

Supported Actions- An Action is an event that's completed in a second app automatically. 

  • Create Email Filter - Create an email filter that's part of a box.
  • Link Boxes - Link multiple Boxes together
  • Create Comment - Create a comment on a box
  • Edit Task - Edit a Task
  • Create Task - Create a new Task on a Box.
  • Edit Box - Edit fields, stage, assigned to, name and notes on an existing box
  • Create New Box - Create a new Box.

Supported Searches- Searches help you look up Streak data and can be useful on their own, or they can be combined with Actions to perform "Get or Create" style logic.

  • Box Search - Searches for a Box either by a query or exact name (case sensitive)
  • Get Box by Key - Fetch a Box using the Box Key

Learn more about configuring your Zapier integration here!

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