Getting Started with Streak and Zapier

Create a Zapier Account

First, you'll want to navigate to and sign up for a new account! 

Connect Your Streak Account

Then, search for the Streak extension under the Explore tab of your Zapier account. 

Scroll to find the App Details for Streak, and select to + Connect Accounts.

Zapier will request your Streak API key to verify your Streak Account. To Access you API Key:

  1. From the Streak menu at the top right of your Gmail, select the Developers icon 
  2. Generate your API key and copy / paste this into the Zapier window

Create a Zap

Congratulations - you are now ready to create your first Zap! Zapier will suggest a number of Popular Zaps for Streak- try out one of those or create a new Zap from scratch with the Make A Zap! button at the top of your Zapier account. 

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