How To Use Mail Merge for Sales

The perfect Mail Merge starts even before you hit the 'Mail Merge' button. Because your first step for Mail Merge is select who you want to receive your message, you'll want to setup your Pipeline so you can easily create the perfect segment of recipients. There are three key Pipeline best practices to follow to:

  • Store the people associated with your boxes as Streak Contacts
    • Why? Streak Contacts contain specifics like First Name that you can use to personalize your Mail Merge.
  • Add 1 column per segment you want to email (example: 1 Drop Down Column for "Product" and 1 Drop Down Column for "Lead Source")
    • Why? We'll use the new "Product" field in our example below to create a segment of leads interested in the same Product. 
  • Get to know our Email specific Magic Columns (Magic Columns are updated automatically by us - there are 50+ in total)
    • Why? We'll use the "Date of Last Email" Magic Column to create a segment of customers we haven't corresponded with recently.

Let's take a detail look at one of the Streak Contacts we're going to email - note the First Name and Email fields:

We should also take a quick look at our sample Pipeline - note the two custom Columns we added, "Lead Source" and "Product":

... and we're ready to start our Mail Merge!

We could do something as basic as Mail Merge to an entire Stage, like this:

... but that isn't a precise enough segment to be the World's Greatest Mail Merge. Instead...

STEP ONE: Create a basic segment of boxes.

We'll use the Saved View feature and the "Product" Column we created to tell Streak to only show us boxes where the lead is interested in Widgets:

STEP TWO: Optimize your segment of boxes. We'll add another rule to our View and tell Streak to only show us boxes where lead is interested in Widgets and the 'Date of Last Email' is more than 7 days ago:

STEP THREE: Hit the "Mail Merge" button and confirm your recipient list! Note that so far we've selected a list of boxes not a list of Contacts. There are different places Streak can look for email addresses inside of a Box to help you create your perfect recipient list. By default, we'll look inside your Contacts and Organizations field and pull all Contacts:

For a more targeted list, you can merge to just a specific Contact field. For a more general list, you can direct Streak to scrape all email address from threads that have been added to a box.

STEP FOUR: Personalize your message. Any of the fields from the Streak Contact card or from the Streak Box can be added as a variable to your message. In our example, we'll customize the message with the "Product" data we added as well as recipient First Name. Streak makes it easy to see and edit the variables:

Note we can roll over each recipient to get a preview of what the recipient will see:

And, we can even send our self a test to see exactly what our recipients will see:

... ready to send your own version of the World's Best Mail Merge

Hit the 'send' button like you would on a 'normal' email and your personalized 1:1 messages will send automatically. 

Personal, scalable, outreach!

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