Can I extract email addresses from a specific Pipeline column for Mail Merge?

The Mail Merge tool can find recipients in several different ways.

  • Best Practice: Use Streak Contacts to find email addresses and build your recipient list.

Email addresses can also be extracted from:

  • Email addresses inside threads that have been added to a Box
  • Email Addresses that have been listed in a box field as plain text
  • Email Addresses of those who are Assigned To the Box

You can see the different options for selecting your recipients here:

Pro tip: By following best practices to send Mail Merges to Streak Contacts, you can add additional customization like First Name and personalize every message!

You can then specify to send your Mail Merge to All Contacts, a specific Contact column, or to starred Contacts (or - to any individual field on a Box).

Verify the extracted number of recipients (example above) matches your intention/expectation.

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