Can I extract email addresses from a specific Pipeline column for Mail Merge?

The Mail Merge tool can extract email addresses from your 3 primary locations:

  • Emails that have been added to the Box
  • Email Addresses that have been listed in your Pipeline columns
  • Email Addresses of those who are Assigned To the Box

After selecting your Boxes for your Mail Merge, a yellow confirmation banner will identify how many email addresses have been extracted from your Boxes. If you would like to specify where your email addresses are extracted from for your Mail Merge, you can click on the source written in italics and underlined.

You can then specify which of the above three areas you would like to extract your email addresses from- you can even narrow the extraction to a specific column in your Pipeline. 

You can also opt to ignore emails from yourself, or from your domain, so that you and/or your colleagues don’t receive Mail Merges in the future

After verifying that you have extracted the number of emails you were expecting, you can continue with your Mail Merge to being composing your draft. 

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