Can I send automated follow-ups with Mail Merge?

Streak offers a combination of tools to help keep you on top of who you need to follow-up with so no one falls through the cracks. Here's how you can use these tools to send follow-up emails with Mail Merge!

First, you'll want to add your email conversations with your leads, customers, hiring prospects (or whoever you are tracking in Streak) to your Streak Boxes. By leveraging Streak's tight integration with Gmail, this will enable you to extract a world of information and insights. 

Then, you will want to use Streak's Magic Columns to automatically extract the important details about these conversations and surface them to your Pipeline. Specifically, in this instance, you will want to add the Magic Column for "Date of Last Sent Email" and "Last Email From".

Next, you can create a Saved View that shows you which customers that you have sent an email to over a week ago, that hasn't elicited a reply and needs another follow-up. Filter the Pipeline for Boxes where the "Date of Last Sent Email" is "Before" "7 days ago" and "Last Email From" "Contains" "[Your Email Address]". 

With the Saved View it's very easy to send your Mail Merge to follow-up with those specific customers who haven't responded to your initial email!

Note that the Saved Views are a feature for our Professional Plan users so you'll be able to see the data once filtering down, you just won't be able to save the view.

Use Zapier and QuickMail

You can also connect your Streak account via Zapier account to a third-party tool like QuickMail to setup email sequencing. More about the Streak <-> QuickMail connection here.

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