How do I manage my Mail Merge recipients?

When setting up a Mail Merge you'll first select the Boxes you'd like to email, then click "More" and "Send Mass Email" from inside the Pipeline view:

Next you'll see an option to select where Streak extracts email addresses from (click where the arrow is pointing in this screenshot):

There are a few different options of where Streak extracts emails from:

  • Email Threads Inside Boxes - This pulls from all email threads you've added to your Streak Boxes. You can view a list of these email addresses from the Pipeline view by adding the "Email Addresses" magic column to your pipeline.
    • Note - Because the data in magic columns is generated for you automatically, you cannot edit a magic column. The only way to remove emails addresses from showing here is to un-Box the email thread.
    • You can also choose not to select the Box for the Mail Merge.
  • Pipeline Columns  - This is if you have your own, free-form column in your Pipeline for email addresses. You can manage the data in a free-form column however you'd like.
  • Contacts - Streak's Contacts column type. Most frequently this data is represented by the "Contacts and Organizations" column, though you may have multiple Contacts columns. Going forward, this will be the easiest way to manage your contact data.

When setting up the Mail Merge, you can choose to extract email addresses from one of the above locations, a few of them, or from all of them.

When Someone Asks Not To Be Emailed

When a user asks not to be emailed in future Mail Merge campaigns, you have a few options:

  • Remove the user's email address from the free-form column you created or from showing in "Contacts and Organizations".
  • If the user is in Contacts, be sure to search in the Gmail search bar to be sure they've been removed from all Boxes across all Pipelines:

While the above is a very easy method, adding in one of the bottom two options might be a good option as well to be sure the user isn't contacted:

  • Create a Pipeline stage called "Do Not Email" and move that user's Box to that stage. When setting up your next Mail Merge, don't select Boxes in the "Do Not Email" stage.
  • Create a new Checkbox column type for "Unsubscribe" and don't select those Boxes when setting up your Mail Merge:

Hint - You can use the "Filter, Sort, View" button to filter down your Pipeline before a Mail Merge. For Stage use "Stage" > "Is Not Any Of" > "Do Not Email" (or whatever you unsubscribed stage is called). For a checkbox column, use "Unsubscribe" > "Is Not Checked" (for a column called "Unsubscribe" as in the screenshot example above).

Happy Emailing!

Now that you've setup your pipeline with the above steps in mind, be sure you select the appropriate places to extract email addresses from (as in the very first screenshot at the top of this article). If all of your user data is in "Contacts and Organizations", for example, be sure to select "Contacts" and de-select "Email Threads Inside of Boxes".

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