How do I manage my Mail Merge recipients and control who receives emails?

There are a few places where Streak's Mail Merge tool can extract email addresses from:

  • Best Practice All Contacts - Mail Merge Email Addresses saved to your Contacts and Organizations. You can Mail Merge to the 'Contacts and Organizations' column, to an individual Custom Contact column, or to your starred Contacts.

Also supported:

  • All Columns - This will send your Mail Merge to all email addresses found across all of your Pipeline's coliumns, including email addresses in Boxed email threads (the latter you can see by adding the "Email Addresses" magic column to your pipeline.)
    • Note - The Email Addresses magic column is a simple list of emails addresses. You cannot add details like First Name. You cannot remove someone from the list. Storing First Names or adding/removing recipients is done by using Streak Contacts.
  • Starred Contacts - All of your Starred Contacts
  • Email Addresses Column - All of the email addresses in your Boxed email threads; data represented by the Email Addresses magic column.
  • Name Column - Emails in the "Name" Box column
  • Notes Column - Emails in the "Notes" column
  • Assigned To - Emails of users assigned to Boxes
  • Deal Size Column - Emails in the "Deal Size" column

How To Select Where The Mail Merge Tool Extracts Email Addresses:

When setting up a Mail Merge, first select the Boxes you'd like to email, then click the Mail Merge button at the top of a Pipeline:

Streak will then open a familiar looking window to compose your Mail Merge. To select the recipients in your Mail Merge, use this menu:

Removing a Recipient from Future Mail Merges

When a user asks not to be emailed in future Mail Merge campaigns, you have a few options:

  • Remove the user's email address from the free-form column you created or from showing in "Contacts and Organizations."
  • If the user is in Contacts, search in the Gmail search bar to be sure they've been removed from all Boxes across all Pipelines:

While the above is a very easy method, adding one of the next two options can help to ensure the user isn't contacted:

  • Create a Pipeline stage called "Do Not Email" and move that user's Box to that stage. When setting up your next Mail Merge, don't select Boxes in the "Do Not Email" stage.
  • Create a new Checkbox column type for "Unsubscribe" and don't select those Boxes when setting up your Mail Merge:

Hint - You can use the "Filter, Sort, View" button to filter down your Pipeline before a Mail Merge. For Stage, use "Stage" > "Is Not Any Of" > "Do Not Email" (or whatever your unsubscribed stage is called). For a checkbox column, use "Unsubscribe" > "Is Not Checked" (for a column called "Unsubscribe," as in the screenshot example above).

Now that you've set up your pipeline with the above steps in mind, be sure you select the appropriate places to extract email addresses from (see the first screenshot at the top of this article). If all of your user data is in "Contacts and Organizations," for example, be sure to select "Contacts" and de-select "Email Threads Inside of Boxes."

Happy Emailing!

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