How many emails can I send each day using Mail Merge?

Streak's Mail Merge tool can send a maximum of 800 emails per day as enforced by Gmail. 

Please note that any pending Mail Merge drafts will also count towards the 800 limit. In addition to drafts, the Send Later feature will also count against the limit even if the draft has been deleted. To avoid this, cancel the Send Later before deleting the email draft.

If you have reached the 800 email limit, your limit will be recycled at midnight UTC where you will start back at 0.

Hitting The Quota When You've Sent Less Than 800 Emails

If you're certain you've deleted any Mail Merge drafts, and canceled any drafts you no longer need that were scheduled to Send Later, please contact our support team to assist!

In an effort to fight spam, prevent abuse and unusual activity, Google will temporarily disable your account if you send a large number of undeliverable messages, especially if your Gmail account was recently created. If Gmail is giving a bounceback and won't deliver your email message we, unfortunately, cannot fix this and you'll need to contact Google Support.

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