How To Create A Mail Merge

In order to send out mass customized emails, you'll need a list of email addresses and the data to customize each email - like the persons name, address or even the most recent product they bought. This information can be found in your Streak Pipelines or can be uploaded directly to your Mail Merge using a CSV file.  

Creating A Mail Merge 

From your Pipelines:

  1. Select the Boxes that contain the email addresses you would like to include in your Mail Merge 
  2. Select the More dropdown at the top of the Pipeline
  3. Select Send Mass Email (Mail Merge)
  4. A yellow confirmation banner will identify how many email addresses have been extracted from your Boxes. You can customize the email addresses that are pulled into the Mail Merge from the Boxes in your Pipeline or you can confirm and continue to compose your Mail Merge 
 Tip: For guided step-by-step instructions in the extension, follow the In-App Tour "How to setup a mail merge with a pipeline"

From an uploaded CSV file:

  1. Start composing a new email as usual and click on the 'Mail Merge' link in the To field
  2. Select the link to 'Upload CSV'
  3. Find the CSV file on your desktop and click the Upload button
 Tip: For guided step-by-step instructions in the extension, follow the In-App Tour "How to setup a mail merge with a CSV file"

Customizing A Mail Merge

Once you've picked the email addresses to send your email to, you can start writing out your email. 

You can then add the following details to your Mail Merge:

  • Add an email to CC/ BCC on the emails
  • Add an attachment to the emails
  • Track the emails with Streak's Email Tracking
  • Schedule the Mail Merge to send at a later time with Streak's Send Later 

Another way to customize emails is to insert Mail Merge Templates in your email subject and message body. Templates let you add custom data to each message. Templates can include the person name or any other data you have about them in your Streak Boxes.

By default the same email will be sent to all of the email addresses listed on the left sidebar. However, you can customize individual emails by clicking on each email address and customizing the text. That will customize the message for just that recipient.

Sending A Mail Merge

Once you press send, Streak will start sending the emails one at a time to each of your recipients. We will show you the progress in a popup window as the emails are processed and sent. 

If you have created your Mail Merge from your Boxes, the outbound emails will also get added to their Box accordingly.

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