How To Customize My Mail Merge With Templates

Streak's Mail Merge Templates are a great way to easily extract data from your Box and insert it into your composed message to add that personal touch to your bulk emails. 

Streak's Mail Merge Templates are currently only available for use with the Mail Merge feature and cannot be used as a standalone feature. To access the Mail Merge Templates, you will first need to create your Mail Merge from your Pipeline or an uploaded CSV. Once you have started your Mail Merge, you should be able to find the yellow Templates bar at the bottom of your compose window where you can select from the data available in your Pipeline or CSV file to add to your compose draft. 

The first four sections of the Templates menu under the "From Email Address" section map to the recipients email account information. If the email address is missing account information on their end, you may need to edit or customize individual records in your Mail Merge.

The options under the "More Fields" of the Templates section will be unique to your Pipeline or CSV file. 

The Mail Merge Templates will insert special syntax into your Mail Merge draft, such as {{email_fullName}}. This syntax is important for the Mail Merge to identify which content in your draft should be customized- you do not want to edit this syntax or the Templates will not activate when you send your email. 

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