How To Create Custom Reports From Saved Views

Although we offer a number of out-of-the-box Pipeline Reports on the Reports Dashboard, we also offer the ability to create custom Charts from Saved Views. You can run a Saved View analysis and also save the results to your Reports Dashboard as a Chart for future reference. 

Create the Saved View that will be the basis of your Custom Chart. This article will help on how to filter down your pipeline to create a Saved View.

Select how to visualize your Saved View results. The new options shown below are your key to creating Custom Charts from the Pipeline:

Begin customizing your chart. If no changes are made, the default visual is simply a count of the total number of Boxes or you can apply a custom analysis. 

Drill down into your data with a subgrouping (if applicable).

Once saved, you can click Add to Reports Dashboard to save for your reference - don't forget to rename the Chart!

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