How to create a pipeline template and how to share

If you frequently create multiple pipelines with the same layout, you might want to create a pipeline template to speed up the pipeline creation process.

1. Setup the original pipeline's columns in the way you want. This will be your source pipeline.

2. Duplicate the original pipeline by clicking on "Create Similar Pipeline". This will duplicate the source pipeline's columns (but not the Boxes in the original pipeline). This creates a copy that will serve as your template pipeline with all of the columns that you want.

3. Any time you want to make a copy of this template pipeline, click the same "Create Similar Pipeline" option.

4. You can now share this template pipeline with other users. Options with sharing:

a. You can add the user you'd like to share the new pipeline with as a guest (i.e. a non-Team member). Note: If the user is a guest, you won't be able to remove your own access from the pipeline.

b. You can add the user to your Streak Team, then make sure they're shared on the individual Pipeline. If the user is added as a Team member, you can remove your own access from the Pipeline.

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