How to handle multiple deals for one company/contact

A common question is how to handle multiple deals for one customer account or company. A good option is to have one Box per customer/company. An example would be to have a Box called "ABC Company" for a company of the same name.

If that same company places a new order you might want to create a new Box for the new order, as opposed to moving the original Box back to the beginning of your Pipeline. For the second order you can name the second Box something like "ABC Company - #2" to signify that this is the second order for the same company.

You can copy the Pipeline's columns from the original Box to the new Box by using the Shift key to highlight the entire row and Command+C (on a Mac) or Control+C (on Windows) to copy the data. Then, inside the new Box use the Command+V/Control+V keys to paste the data. (Note: This will only copy over data visible inside the Pipeline view).

Streak's Contacts and Organizations is a great way to reduce the data you need to add to the new Box, as a Contact and Organization can be added to multiple Boxes. You can also use the Linked Boxes feature (paid feature) for easy navigation between Boxes.

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