Streak Extension Settings

Streak has added a full list of extension settings to customize your Streak experience. From the Streak menu at the top right of your Gmail, select the Settings icon to begin! 

 Tip: For guided step-by-step instructions in the extension, follow the In-App Tour "How to access Streak settings"

Inbox Settings

Add To Box Button- With this setting enabled, the Streak Box icon is included at the far right of each email thread when viewed from your inbox. When an email is added to a Box, the Box icon will highlight orange on the email thread to help easily identify which emails have been synced with your CRM.

Box Indicators in Inbox- When an email is part of a Box, Streak can show an indicator (like a label) in the inbox to surface key details about that Box. This setting controls what information is show in that indicator including: Pipeline, Box, Stage, and Assigned To data.

Email Tracking Settings

Track Emails by Default- When composing a new message Email Tracking can be turned on or off by default. You can still enable and disable tracking for individual emails clicking the tracking eye icon in the compose window.

Snippets Settings

Snippets Autocomplete- Enabling Snippets autocomplete will help finish filling in your Snippet shortcuts for you ... it's a shortcut to a shortcut! 

Notification Settings

Each notification type can be configured to notify you via email notification, a browser pop up notification, or can be turned off to send you no notifications. Customize your notification preferences for the following:

New Pipelines Shared with You- Get notified when a new Pipeline has been shared with you by a colleague.

Changes to Boxes You Follow- Get notified when there are changes to a Box that you explicitly follow or Boxes that you are Assigned To.

Changes to All Other Boxes- Get notified when there are changes on all other Boxes that you have Assigned To, regardless of whether you are following the Box or not.

New Boxes- Get notified when new Boxes have been added to your Pipelines.

Tasks- Get notified when a Task that you have been Assigned To is due.

Call Logs and Meeting Notes- Get notified when a Call Log or Meeting Note has been added to a Box that you have access to.

Completed Imports- Get notified when your Pipeline import is complete.

Tracked Email is Read- Get notified when a tracked email has been viewed.

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