Streak Keyboard Shortcuts

Want to become a Streak power user? Save time with Streak's keyboard shortcuts!

Similar to Gmail shortcuts, Streak includes a number of shortcuts to navigate through the application with a press of a key or two. Click outside of an entry field and type the keys below to prompt the associated action.

w then t : Open the Tasks window in a Box or Thread view.
w then m : Open a new Meeting Notes window from a Box or Thread view.
j / k : Move to next/previous Box
<Ctrl> + b : Create a new Box in the Pipeline view.
<Alt> + r : Refresh spreadsheet

w then tab : Focus the name field in a Box view.
w then c : Open a new Call Log from a Box or Thread view.
<Ctrl> + d : Delete the selected Boxes in the Pipeline view.
w then a : Open Boxes Button

You can also view the list of Streak shortcuts in by clicking outside of an entry field and press ? in Gmail. 

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