How To Remove Streak From One of My Gmail Accounts

Since the Streak Chrome Extension for Gmail is a browser level extension, you will be asked if you would like to use Streak in each new Gmail account that you log into in that browser. If you would like to use Streak in that account, you will want to grant Streak permission to load in your account by clicking the blue Continue button. If you do not want to use Streak in that Gmail account, simply deny Streak's access to your account by clicking the 'Don't Show This Again' link at the bottom of the pop up. 

Remove Streak's Access to a Specific Inbox

If you have already granted Streak permission to load in your Gmail account and would like to remove Streak from that account:

  1. Close all tabs of Gmail
  2. Click here to navigate to your Google Apps permissions page
  3. Confirm you are accessing permissions granted to the account you would like to remove Streak from by checking the profile image on the top right of the page (switch accounts from this location if needed)
  4. Find Streak in the list of apps and click Remove
  5. Now access your Gmail account again, but this time deny the Streak permissions by clicking the 'Don't ask again' link as shown above

Using Chrome Profiles to Keep Streak Separate 

Please note that removing Streak's access to one of your Gmail accounts, will not remove the Streak extension at the browser level. After removing's Streak access to your Gmail account, we will still display the Streak menu at the top of your Gmail, prompting you to log into Streak to load the extension tools in that account with an exclamation mark. 

If you do not want any trace of the Streak at all in some of your Gmail accounts, you can setup Chrome Profiles which will allow you to install the extension for each account separately. 

With Chrome Profiles you get a completely separate browsing environment for each user you add. Extensions, bookmarks, logins, settings and browsing history are maintained separately for each user, making it easy to login to multiple accounts at once without collisions.

Once you have separate profiles for each of your accounts, you can install the extension on the specific profile that you would like to use Streak. 

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