What happens if I change my email address or email domain?

Streak authenticates it's users based on your unique email address. If your email address changes in any way (for example: due to the email address being renamed or the domain changing) we'll need to update your email address in the Streak backend and update our records to reflect the changes.

Please contact support@streak.com to update your account. We will need a list of all your old email addresses and corresponding new email addresses. We will then share your Pipelines and Boxes with your new email address(es). 

The best way to handle a user leaving your company would be to keep their G Suite email account open with the Streak extension still activated. Then in the future, when you add a new employee, simply rename the old user's existing email account for the new employee. Let Streak Support know when the email address has been renamed.

Streak unfortunately cannot deal with emails that are forwarded between email accounts or with POP3 transfers. We also cannot handle emails that have been migrated into an existing G Suite account. Also, Email Tracking, and Send Later, are not transferable between accounts.

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