Streak Extension Layout

After installing the Streak extension from you'll notice a few new additions to the traditional Gmail interface. Let's take a tour:

Additions To Your Inbox

1. Streak Menu 
Clicking on the Streak link at the top of your Gmail will expose the Streak Menu. In the Streak Menu, you can: 

  • Access your extension settings 
  • Get Help with our guided In-App Tours 
  • Access your Account and Team details 
  • Upgrade your Streak Plan and more! 

2. Toolbar 
When one or more email is highlighted in your Inbox, you will see an additional option in your toolbar to: 

  • Add the selected email(s) to a Box

3. Inbox Indicators 
Quickly see which emails have been added to a Box with the orange highlighted Box icon and inbox indicators. This feature can be configured in your Streak Settings. 

4. Sent Mail Sub-folders 
Under your Sent Mail folder, we've added three sub-folders to help see which messages are generating a response. 

5. Pipelines List 
Create new Pipelines and manage existing Pipelines from the Pipelines list.

Additions To The Thread View

1. Toolbar 
When viewing an email thread you will see two additional options in your toolbar to: 

  • Snooze the current email thread
  • Add the current email thread to a Box

2. More Dropdown

The More dropdown will expose two additional options to:

  • Split the email thread into multiple threads in your inbox 
  • View the unified thread for to see any email communications that you might not have been explicitly included on 

3. Sidebar
Streak related information about that email thread can be found in the sidebar. See details about email tracking views, past and future snooze dates, and Box details when the email thread is associated with a Box. 

Additions To The Compose Window 

Streak is also integrated into your compose window, offering access to what you need, when you need it! 

1. Start a Mail Merge to send out mass customized emails all at once

2. Schedule the email to Send Later

3. Snooze the email to return to your inbox at a later date

4. Add the email to a Box

5. Enable Email Tracking to track the email's view count

6. Fill out saved text quickly with a Snippet 

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