Feature Overview: Sharing Pipelines

Optimizing team collaboration is a core principle of Streak, so we've made it easy to share your Pipeline data with other users!

Sharing Your Pipeline With Your Team

You can give other Team members access to any Pipeline by clicking the blue Share button just above your Pipeline. Either share your Pipeline with your entire Team, or select to share your Pipeline with a subset of your Team using the Advanced link in the bottom right corner. Here you can adjust your Team's Pipeline access permissions- learn more about the different Pipeline permission levels here

Setting Default Pipeline Permissions & Exceptions

The "A" Section - Default Pipeline permission for every Team member.

Example - If set to "Can Edit", each Team member will set as "Can Edit" by default, unless a user-specific permission is set in the B section.

The "B" Section - Section B is where you can set an one-off permission level for a Team member. Section B overrides the permission in Section A.

Example - Your default permission in Section A is "Can Edit", but you have one user you only want to give a "Can View" permission to. Change that user's permission to "Can View" in Section B, which will override the permission level set in Section A for that one user.

"No Exception" - No exception means the user doesn't have a specific pipeline permission that differs from the Team permission in Section A.

In the example Pipeline screenshot above, Weston (the Pipeline Admin) has set the Section A default permission for Team members to "No Access", meaning Team members will not have access to the Pipeline by default. Andrew has an exception in Section B of "Can Edit" which means he can access the Pipeline with that permission level. Adriana has "No Exception" to Section A so she cannot access the Pipeline because the permission in Section A is "No Access":

Don't Forget to Save!

Once you've selected your sharing settings you can Save your changes. Your Team should immediately be able to see this Pipeline in their account.

 Tip: For guided step-by-step instructions in the extension, follow the In-App Tour "How to share a Pipeline"

Need to add a new user to your Team for access to your Pipelines? Read how here

Sharing Your Pipeline With Users Outside Your Team

You can give other users outside your Team access to your Pipelines if "Guest Mode" has been enabled for your Team and for your Pipeline. 

A Pipeline guest is someone who has been given access to a Pipeline, but isn't part of the Team that owns the Pipeline. Pipeline Guests do not gain access to the Team's premium features nor the team's shared Contacts.

First, Guest Mode must be enabled on the Teams dashboard by a Team Owner. Then, click the blue Share button just above your Pipeline. In the sharing window, you can select to enable Guest Mode on the Pipeline level if you are a Pipeline Admin. Here you can choose to share the Pipeline with specific people through their email address. 

Once you've added your Pipeline Guest you can Save your changes. This user should then immediately be able to see this Pipeline in their account.   

Making my Pipeline private

If you would like to make your Pipeline private so you are the only user that can access it's Boxes, click the blue Share button and select Private from the two options. 

Note: When you un-share a Pipeline (move a Pipeline from 'Shared' to 'Private'), the other user will immediately lose access to the Pipeline and will be unassigned from all Boxes and Tasks. 

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