How To Create, Edit, Or Delete Keyboard Shortcuts For Snippets

Snippet keyboard shortcuts make it even easier to use your Snippets! With a Snippet shortcut, you can simply type the shortcut code into the email message window and it will be replaced by the contents of the Snippet. 

You can see the Snippet loaded in the Snippet Manager, then a code added to the "Shortcut Code" section. Then inside the email message, the user only has to start typing the Shortcut Code to start loading that Snippet:

To create a keyboard shortcuts for a Snippet:

  1. Go to a Gmail compose window and click the Snippet icon
  2. In the menu, click Manage Snippets
  3. In the Snippet Manager, search to find the Snippet you would like edit
  4. Click Edit
  5. Add the Shortcut Code (Pro-Tip: Begin the code with a character that you don't normally use so you don't inadvertently trigger the Snippet. A good option is the ^ or $ key).
  6. Once you are finished, click Save to save the Snippet
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