How To Share My Snippets With My Team

If you're consistently sending the same emails to multiple people then Snippets are a great way to speed up writing those emails. These Snippets can also be made available to other people on your team so that everybody’s outreach is consistent. 

Each Snippet is created as a 'private' Snippet by default. To share your Snippets with colleagues you'll need to share each Snippet to a Pipeline. Each user who has access to the Pipeline will be able to access Snippets shared to the Pipeline:

  1. Go to a Gmail compose window and click the Snippet icon
  2. In the menu, click Manage Snippets
  3. In the Snippet Manager, search to find the Snippet that you would like to share with others
  4. Specify which Pipeline you want to attach it to in the dropdown menu and it will then be made available to everybody that has access to that Pipeline.

Note:  When a Snippet is Shared to a Pipeline, the Snippet will be deleted if the Pipeline is deleted.

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