Can I create a Snippet using Mail Merge Templates?

Yes, you can include a Mail Merge Template in a Snippet! If you send the same email in bulk week over week, using Snippets in your Mail Merge is a sure win! 

Here's how:

  1. Open one of your Streak Pipelines
  2. Click the More menu and Send Mass Email (Mail Merge)
  3. Click to Continue With Mail Merge
  4. Find the link at the bottom of the Mail Merge compose window to "Customize with Template" 
  5. Select the option for your Template to add the syntax to the compose window
  6. Type the rest of the email Snippet
  7. Click the Snippet icon and select Create New Snippet From Current Message
  8. Save the Snippet

Now, this Snippet is ready for use in your Mail Merge emails! 

Just remember that Streak's Mail Merge Templates are only activated in our Mail Merge feature, so you would be unable to send that Snippet on its own. 

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