Can I send an image in a Snippet?

Yes, images can be saved in Snippets

The best way to ensure your image will appear correctly in your Snippet is to host your image publicly. This will prevent the Snippet being sent as a broken image. 

Once you host the image publicly on an image hosting website:

1. Click the Insert Photo button: 

2. Click on "Web Address (URL)" and paste in the URL of the Snippet image:

3. Click "Insert" and then Save the Snippet!

Don't know of a good image hosting site? Here's a quick trick to hosting your images using a Google Doc:

1. Open Google Drive and create a new Google Doc

2. In the advanced section of the Doc's sharing options, set your Doc permissions to Public - Available to anyone on the web

3. Now you can upload your image to your Google Doc with the drag and drop method or Insert > Image > Upload File

4. Copy image from Google Doc and paste into the Compose window for your Snippet

As long as the Google Doc is not deleted from your Google Drive, the image will always be accessible by your Gmail account and will render properly when sent. 

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