Why is the formatting in my Snippets inconsistent?

If a Snippet is created by pasting text into your Gmail Compose, Gmail will keep whatever formatting is applied to the text you're copying from. The way your email appears while creating your snippet is exactly how your recipient will receive the message. 

If you wish to correct bad formatting in a Snippet:

  1. Copy the text of the snippet
  2. Paste just the plain-text (control+option+shift+v on a Mac; control+shift+v on Windows) in to a new Gmail email draft
  3. Format the email draft just how you'd like the snippet to look
  4. Click the Snippet button and select "Create New Snippet From Current Message"

If you wish to remove all formatting after pasting to Gmail:

  1. Paste your text Snippet to Gmail
  2. Highlight the text of the Snippet 
  3. Use the Tx button in your compose text editor menu to remove the additional formatting

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