Why did I get an email telling me my Send Later did not send?

If you have scheudled an email to send at a later date with Streak's Send Later feature and we are unable to send your email at the designated time, we will send you an email to notify you. There are a few reasons why Streak might send you this email notification.

For example:

-If you compose an email and schedule the Send Later for tomorrow at 11:00 am

-Then you delete the draft at 8:00 am before the email is sent

... at 11:00 am, our servers will still say "Hey Streak, check this users account for that Send Later email, it's time to send it!". We check if the email draft can still be found in your Drafts folder and if it is, we will send it. If that email draft is no longer in your Drafts folder because it has been deleted or already manually sent, we will send you this notification informing you that the draft you scheduled to send no longer exists and thus we cannot send it.

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