Overview: How does Streak work with Gmail?

We have some critical guiding philosophies here at Streak:

  • keep Streak simple 
  • keep Streak flexible
  • keep Streak awesome
  • keep Streak inside Gmail

That's right! Streak is built as an overlay on top of Gmail to tightly integrate with your email experience. Streak extends your existing Gmail into a flexible, fully featured CRM without ever having a negative impact on emails.

Access to Your CRM from Your Inbox

No more having to switch back and forth between your inbox and other tools, Streak makes it effortless to save your customer's details into your CRM without ever having to interrupt your workflow.

Organize Your Emails

Organize emails that relate to your business processes by adding them to a Box. Once an email is linked to a customer's Box, you can view the contact information or sales details all conveniently displayed alongside the email itself. Conversely, you can also view a Box to see the full email communication history with that customer or relating to that particular opportunity. Always have access to the data you need, right when you need it! 

Share Your Emails

By adding your emails to Streak Boxes, all Team members working on an opportunity can read full emails even if they were not originally included on the email thread. Collaboration has never been so easy!

Email Power Tools Built into the Compose Window

Streak is fully compatible with Gmail's compose window. With Streak installed, see that we've included a few new buttons at the bottom after the Send button. These correspond to Send Later, Snooze, Email Tracking, Snippet, and even your Boxes to help make email even better. 

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