Recommended: 10 Tips and Tricks for New Users

Now that Streak is installed, let's take a look at 10 of the most useful tips to get you started on the right foot and maximize your time!

#1 Get Help With Our In-App Guided Tours

Need some help along the way? Check out our guided tours in Streak for step-by-step instructions on each of our features! Read more on our in-app help here

#2 Leverage Keyboard Shortcuts

Use Streak (and Gmail) keyboard shortcuts to save time on frequent actions. Speed up actions by reducing clicks! Read more on shortcuts here

#3 Adjust Your Notification Settings

Want to change your notifications from email to browser pop ups? Need to turn on or turn off some notifications? Notifications (and more) are accessed via Streak Settings. Read more on Streak Settings here

#4 Find Boxes Via Search

Cant find where that Box went? Use the main Gmail search bar to search for any Box or Pipeline across Streak. Within a specific Pipeline, you can search for text with Command-F on Mac or Control-F on Windows. Read more on Streak's search capabilities here.

#5 Utlilize Spreadsheet Functionality

Streak's Pipeline spreadsheet naturally works like other familiar spreadsheets: copy/paste, undo, column freezing, and formatting are all built in! Read more on the Pipeline Spreadsheet View here

#6 Add Custom Columns

The first Pipeline we help you create is meant to be the minimum you need to get started rather than a finished product. Custom Columns are your chance to list specific information you want to track about your Boxes. Read more on customizing your Pipeline with Columns here

#7 Standardize Your Data 

To help standardize your data for consistency and better reporting, use our 'Structured Data' Columns: Dropdown, Tag, and Date Columns. Read more on Columns types here

#8 Use Magic Columns

Let Streak do the work for you! Use Magic Columns to automatically show useful information about your Boxes.  For example, use the "Date of Last Email" field to show the last time you emailed a customer or use the "Total Email Message Count" to show the total number of emails it took to close a deal. Read more on Magic Columns here. 

#9. Fill Up Your Boxes With Contents

The content-rich pieces of data that will complete your Boxes are found in the Box Details View, such as: emails, files, Tasks, Call Logs, and Meeting Notes. Read more on the contents that can be added in the Box Details View here

#10 Create Saved Views 

Filter, sort, and group your Boxes based on criteria that you define. Saved views help prevent leads from falling through the cracks by surfacing Boxes of most relevance. For example, show all Boxes who you haven't contacted in more than 5 days. Read more information on Saved Views here

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