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We think Streak should be easy for everyone to use, so we've made Streak simple to install with pre-built, elegant Pipelines. Your Pipelines are super flexible, so you can continue to customize your setup as you go.

This guide walks you through how to quickly install the Streak extension and configure the key features of your CRM to get back to work in under 5 minutes! Follow along and click the links for further details of each step. 

Install the Streak Extension

  1. In a Chrome or Safari browser, go to to install Streak
  2. Scroll to find the button to Install Streak for Gmail
  3. A popup will come up to confirm installation, click Add extension
  4. You'll then see a notice in the top of your browser informing you that the Streak extension was successfully installed

Load Streak in Your Gmail

  1. Open a new tab and go to
  2. A popup window will ask you to grant Streak's permissions
  3. Click Grant Access
  4. Gmail should automatically refresh to load the Streak extension
  5. Once logged into Gmail, you should see some new additions to the traditional Gmail interface

Create Your First Pipeline

  1. In the left menu you'll see the Pipelines menu*
  2. Click on +New to create a new Pipeline
  3. Select one of the Pipeline templates that is relevant to you

*Note: If you don't see the Pipelines menu that means you're not logged into Streak. Follow these troubleshooting tips to load Streak in Gmail.

Create Your First Box

  1. Now that you've created a Pipeline you can create your first Box
  2. Click the +New Box button at the top of the Pipeline and a new Box will be added to your Pipeline, like a new row is added to a spreadsheet
  3. Data can be added to your Box from the Pipeline Spreadsheet View or you can click the Box icon to add data to your Box from the Box Details View

Add an Email to Your Box

  1. Go to your inbox and click on an email that you want to organize
  2. Once you're looking at the email thread, click on the Box Button in the toolbar
  3. Search for your Box by name and click to add the email thread
  4. You should then see the Box details load on the right side of your email when your email has been boxed. The fields displayed are shown based on the columns created in your pipeline. All fields are editable from either your email, the Pipeline, or the Box!

What Now?

Your Pipelines and Boxes are the biggest moving parts in Streak. Now that you have a created the basic structure, you want to think about how you want to further customize your CRM to tailor your Pipelines to your business needs. 

But first... check out our 10 Tips and Tricks for New Users!

  Webinar: Streak CRM Introductory Webinar (for Free users)
  Webinar: Streak CRM Introductory Webinar (for Corporate users)

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