Overview: Streak Teams

Because Streak is optimized for collaboration, user accounts, and content sharing is organized around Teams.

What is a Team? 

Streak Teams enable users to effortlessly share their Pipelines, Boxes, and Contacts so you don’t have to spend any more time forwarding emails, filling someone in, or forking over contact information.

Teams also offer a way to easily manage multiple users under the same account, whether that's on a Free Personal Plan or subscribed to a Paid Plan. To add or remove users from your Team the Teams Dashboard can be accessed from your Streak Menu, learn how here.  

Do I have to share all of my Pipelines with my Team? 

Each Pipeline has it's own individual sharing settings allowing you to control your Team's access to each of them. You can share the Pipeline with your entire Team, a few members of your Team, or zero members of your Team to keep that Pipeline private. You can also share your Pipelines with your Team under restricted access if, for example, you would like them to be able to view that Pipeline's data but not edit it- more details can be found here

Should I have multiple Teams for my company? 

The setup we recommend for the majority of Streak users is to have one Streak Team for everyone at your company using Streak. If you have different Teams for Pipeline sharing reasons, you can control which user has access to which pipeline in the pipeline sharing settings.

If you have a paid Streak account, we would recommend having one Streak Team that has all of your users who need access to paid features. The free users would not join a Team and instead can be shared on the Team's individual pipelines.

How does billing work with teams?

If you have a paid Streak license as a member of one Streak Team, then you don't need to be a member of another paid Streak Team. Once you have a paid Streak subscription, the paid Streak features carry over to everything you do in Streak (i.e. All of your Boxes and Pipelines have access to the paid Streak features). You don't want to join a second paid Streak Team because that would be essentially paying twice for the same access. 

Example: Johnny works for ABC Company and is a member of the ABC paid Streak Team. His friend Sally at XYZ Software also has a paid Streak Team for her company and users. Sally wants to share her "Venture Capital" pipeline with Johnny. In this case, Sally should not add Johnny to her Streak Team and instead simply share the Venture Capital pipeline with Johnny. She would add Johnny as a Pipeline Guest and Johnny would still have access to all of the paid features because he has his own paid Streak license as a member of the ABC Company Streak Team.

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