How to handle multiple users using the same email address

Want to give multiple people at your company access to the same email address while using Streak? If so, there are a few good setup options:

Create a Google Group:

You can set up a Google Group email address with each user on your team as a member. Each incoming email to the Group would land in the individual inbox of every member of the Google Group. 

For example, A customer sends an email to '' and the email goes to the private email inbox for both Salesperson A and Salesperson B. Both salespeople can respond to the email thread from their own inbox.

If Salesperson A wants to handle the account, they can add the email to a Streak Box and use the Assigned To field to assign the Box to themselves. That way Salesperson B knows Salesperson A is working on the account. Salesperson A can then re-assign the Box back to Salesperson B when they need to take over the account, or if they're going to be out of the office.

Tip - When a user replies, the customer will see the reply was sent from "" and not "". You can set up "" as a sender in your Gmail Settings.

Create a New Email Account and Share Login Credentials:

Another option would be to have a separate Gmail account for your specific use case (ex: Sales, Support, Engineering, etc.) and give each user who needs access the login credentials. 

Example: You set up "" as a new Gmail account. Both User A and User B have the login credentials. A customer sends an email to the "" email address. User A decides to handle the inquiry and Boxes the email thread. User A then uses the Assigned To field to assign themselves the Box so user B knows the support ticket is being handled.

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