How To Set Pipeline Sharing Restrictions For My Team

Under some conditions, you may want to share a Pipeline with a user who is not added to your Team. If you are working with an intern, for example, you may not want to add them to your paid Streak Team, but would still like them to add certain data to your Pipelines. In this instance, you can share the Pipeline with your intern as a 'Guest' on the Pipeline. A Pipeline Guest is someone who has been given access to a Pipeline, but isn't part of the Team that owns the Pipeline. Pipeline Guests do not gain access to the Team's premium features nor the Team's Contacts.

In most cases, however, you might want to completely prevent the sharing of your Team's Pipeline data with outside users. Sharing restrictions can be applied on the Team-wide level or on the individual Pipeline level. 

Disable Guest Mode in Team-wide 

  1. From the Streak menu at the top right of your Gmail, select the Teams icon.
  2. Scroll to the Sharing section of the page
  3. De-select "Allow Guest Mode"

Disable Guest Mode for Specific Pipelines 

  1. Navigate to a Pipeline and select the blue Share icon
  2. Towards the bottom of the sharing window in the Guests section, select "Disable"

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