What if a user on my Team leaves the company?

If someone on your Streak Team leaves your company or no longer needs access to the paid Streak features, simply navigate to your Teams Dashboard and select the link to Add / Remove Team Members from your Plan. 

Great news! There should be minimal implications of removing a user from your plan. The removed user's Boxes & Pipelines will still exist, their Notes will still be saved, their activity feed items will continue to show, and the emails that they've added to Boxes will still be accessible by the remaining users on the shared Pipelines as long as their G Suite account still exists.

The only change that you will see in your Pipeline is the Assigned To column, which will go blank when they are also removed from your Team's shared Pipelines. To keep them listed in your Assigned To column, you will want to keep the user on your paid plan and on your shared Pipelines.

What are the circumstances that would affect your data? 

If the user revokes Streak access to their account, which is managed under their Google Apps Permissions, you will no longer be able to access their Boxed emails. This can easily be reverted if that user logs back into Streak to re-authenticate their account.

If the email address is completely deleted in G Suite or Gmail, then you will also lose access to that user's Boxed emails. Because Streak does not store the contents of your emails on our servers, we will be unable to display the Boxed email threads if the email thread or the Gmail/G Suite account has been deleted. Auto-Boxed files will also be deleted if the G Suite account is closed down. Manually Boxed files are uploaded to the user's Google Drive and will no longer be accessible if the G Suite is closed down. This cannot be reverted. Because of this, we would strongly advise keeping the email address 'active' in G Suite if possible.

We recommend against migrating and/or forwarding the user's G Suite account data to another account as this will break things on the Streak side. As an alternative, you can rename the account in G Suite – just let us know if the account has been renamed and we'll take it from there!

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