I split an email thread so why is it's not split for my colleague?

Gmail uses the email subject is one of the largest proponent in combining related email messages together. Streak has found a way to 'trick' Gmail into separating these email threads by renaming parts of the email threads with our Thread Splitter.

When using Streak's Thread Splitter to separate and re-name email threads, a discrepancy can occur between your account and other accounts that were CC'd on the email thread if the Thread Splitter is ran at the end of the email conversation instead of the beginning. 

Streak's Thread Splitter will split your copy of the email thread in your Inbox, but it will not split the copy of the email thread in other people's inbox. The email thread is only split in other people's inbox if the back and forth conversation is continued using a unique email subject. Then the email thread becomes separated in both user's inbox. 

If you see the email thread split in your account but not your colleagues, the email thread was continued with the same subject after running the Thread Splitter and thus has not also been split in your colleagues account. 

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