Does Streak work with my other extensions?

Streak has been tested with many of the other popular Gmail extensions and can run alongside them just fine. If there is a specific extension that Streak doesn't play nice with, Contact Us to let us know!

Not sure if the issue is an extension conflict? A quick way to check is to load Streak in a Chrome Incognito Window:

  1. Navigate to chrome://extensions
  2. Select the checkbox to enable Streak to run in incognito mode (disable other extensions in incognito)
  3. Open a Chrome Incognito Window
  4. Load Gmail with Streak

Now you can test Streak without the influence of other extensions. If you cannot reproduce the issue, it's likely that there is an extension conflict. Try disabling all other extensions in your browser except for Streak, and then re-enabling them one-by-one to isolate the extension causing the conflict.

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