Does Streak work with my other extensions? What is an extension conflict?

Streak has been tested with many of the other popular Gmail extensions and can run alongside most of them just fine. 

However, there are some extensions that do not work when enabled at the same time as Streak. We'll do our best to let you know which extensions are in conflict via an alert. If you receive an extension conflict alert, we suggest one of the following options for the best Streak user experience:

A Few Workaround Options

1. Setup separate Chrome profiles and use Streak in one profile session and the other extension in the other profile session.

2. Disable the conflicting extension when using Streak and vice versa.

3. Contact us to see if we know of any alternative extensions that don't conflict with Streak. For example, in the screenshot above, Clearbit is a great alternative for LinkedIn Sales Navigator / Rapportive that doesn't conflict with Streak.

What Does An Extension Conflict Mean?

Streak is a layer on top of Gmail. As such, having two similar extensions in Chrome can often lead to both extensions "fighting" to work with Gmail and may lead to layout and usage issues.

We do our best to keep track of which other extensions conflict with Streak and try to work with other extension developers to get both apps to play together nicely in Chrome. We're sadly not able to do resolve the conflicts with all extensions because it usually requires help from the other extension's development team, who may or may not be receptive.

To solve the issue of extension conflicts, we built the Inbox SDK for other Chrome extension developers the ability to have their extensions work in Gmail, and alongside Streak, without any issues. Feel free to contact the other extension's support team and tell them about the Inbox SDK. We'd love to chat with them!

How To Test To See If Your Issues Is An Extension Conflict

Not sure if your Streak issue is an extension conflict? A quick way to check is to load Streak in a Chrome Incognito Window:

  1. Navigate to chrome://extensions
  2. Select the checkbox to enable Streak to run in incognito mode (disable other extensions in incognito)
  3. Open a Chrome Incognito Window
  4. Load Gmail with Streak

Now you can test Streak without the influence of other extensions. If you cannot reproduce the issue, it's likely that there is an extension conflict. Try disabling all other extensions in your browser except for Streak, and then re-enabling them one-by-one to isolate the extension causing the conflict.

More Help!

If there is a specific extension that Streak doesn't play nice with, or if you're still having troubleshooting issues, Contact Us to let us know!

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