Email Tracking FAQ

If you're unsure Email Tracking is working in your account, the information below will help answer your questions and concerns.

How to test email tracking

Please follow these steps a to test and verify tracking is working on your account:

  1. In a new compose, highlight the eye icon orange. This might appear in the "More Tools" drawer if you're on classic Gmail:
  2. Double-check that your email compose window has plain-text mode disabled.
  3. Send the email to a second email account/address you own.
  4. Login to the second email account and open the email in a different browser, one that doesn't have the Streak extension enabled, or from a mobile device.
  5. Ensure you have not blocked images in the second email account settings, and that you have loaded the images in the email if given the option.
  6. You should now see the green tracking icon in your first Gmail account showing that the email has been read. You can also click into the email thread to see more details.

How can I tell a message has been read after sending?

After going to your Sent folder you will see a green or grey tracking eye on the email thread if Email Tracking was successfully enabled. If there's no eye it means Email Tracking wasn't enabled on the email thread.

  • Green eye – Email Tracking enabled and we detected a view
  • Grey eye – Email Tracking enabled but we have yet to detect a view
  • No eye – Email Tracking was not enabled on the email thread

Streak shows an email hasn't been read, but the recipient replied and they definitely read the email. What happened?

The user may have set their email account to block or never open images. Some mail clients also have built-in intelligence around email tracking and will prevent it.

If the tracking pixel image is never accessed, we will receive no information. Because of this, it is possible to read a tracked email without registering a view.

Streak counted my own activity as a view when I re-read a tracked email.

Streak will attempt to block your activity to prevent Streak counting your own Gmail actions as a view. We will only be able to block this activity if you are viewing your sent messages from a Chrome browser that also has Streak installed. If you view your Gmail on another computer, browser, or any tablet/phone, we will register a view.

Why do some emails include location data and others don't?

Depending on the device, mail program, and individual user settings, we receive various levels of information. We'll always show you all information we receive. If there is no location data, we received none to report back to you.

The location data is incorrect! I know for a fact that the recipient is not in the location depicted on the map, what happened?

Occasionally we may incorrectly read an intermediary server somewhere on the internet as the recipient, or the recipient may be using a VPN in a different location, and thus the location could potentially be incorrect. The recipient may have also forwarded the email to additional recipients who have also read the email thread; we will detect those views as well.

The location information is best used to help identify which time zone the recipient to know the most appropriate times to follow up. The location is a rule of thumb and isn't meant to hold up in a court of law.

The total number of views seems really high. Is this data correct?

It's possible you or one of your email recipients inadvertently copied the email tracking pixel (which isn't visible to the eye) and pasted it into another email. 

An example is a user copied their email signature from an email where email tracking was enabled and accidentally copied the email tracking pixel when copying their signature. They then added their signature to Gmail's signature section, causing that unique tracking pixel to be sent out in all of their outgoing emails. It looked like the original email had been read hundreds of time.

The best way to fix is to re-create your Gmail signatures from scratch. We can also turn off email tracking on the original email thread if you'd like. Just contact us a support(at) for help muting that thread's notifications.

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