Email Tracking Troubleshooting FAQ

Unsure if Email Tracking is working in your account? Follow these steps to test:

  1. In a new compose, highlight the eye icon orange
  2. Double-check that your email compose window has plain-text mode disabled
  3. Send the email to a second email account you own 
  4. Login to the second email account and open the email in a different browser, one that doesn't have the Streak extension enabled, or from a mobile device
  5. Ensure you have not blocked images in the second email account settings
  6. You should now see the green tracking icon in your first Gmail account showing that the email has been read. You can also click into the email thread to see more details.

Email Tracking Troubleshooting FAQ

Streak shows an email hadn't been read, but I checked with the recipient and they said they read the email, what happened?

The user may have set their email account to block or never open images. If the tracking pixel image is never accessed, we will receive no information. Because of this, it is possible to read a tracked email without registering a view.

I think Streak counted my own activity as a view when I re-read my sent email. 

Streak will attempt to block your activity to prevent Streak counting your own Gmail actions as a view. We will only be able to block this activity if you are viewing your sent messages from a Chrome browser that also has Streak installed. If you view your Gmail on another computer (or any tablet/phone) we will register a view.

Why do some emails include location data and others don't?

Depending on the device, mail program, and individual user settings, we receive various levels of information. We'll always show you all information we receive - if there is no location data, we received none to report back to you.

I know for a fact that the recipient is not in the location depicted on the map, what happened?

Occasionally we may incorrectly read an intermediary server somewhere on the internet as the recipient, and thus the location could potentially be incorrect. The location information is best used to help identify which time zone the recipient to know the most appropriate times to follow up. 

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