Recommended browser settings for Streak

Because Streak is an extension installed at the browser level, Streak relies on a few browser settings to ensure it's performing as designed. We want you to have a great experience in Streak, so below are a few browser suggestions to ensure that Streak is operating at its best.

Browser Version

Streak recommends using the latest version of Chrome or Safari for maximum compatibility. 

  • To update Chrome, head to chrome://help and click 'update'
  • To update Safari, open the iOS App Store and check the 'updates' tab

Safari Download 

When installing the Streak extension to Safari, you will want to allow downloads from outside of the Mac store. This setting can be managed from your Mac System Preferences in the Security & Privacy section. In the General tab under Allow apps downloaded from, select 'Mac App Store and identified developers'. 

Browser Cookie Settings

Streak uses access to your browser cookies to help keep you logged into your Streak account. Read more info here.

Browser Notification Settings 

Streak offers a variety of notifications to keep you up to date with the status of your leads. If you would like to receive desktop browser notifications from Streak, you will want to ensure that they are also enabled notifications in your browser.

  • In Chrome, head to chrome://settings/content. In the Content Settings, under the Notifications section, select 'Ask when a site wants to show notifications'
  • In Safari, open your Safari menu to find your browser Preferences. In the Notification tab select 'Allow websites to ask for permission to send push notifications' at the bottom of the window. 


Using Other Browser Extensions?

Keep in mind that other browser extensions, add-ons, or plugins that you have installed may affect the proper display and functioning of Streak. Learn more about how Streak interacts with other browser extensions in this article

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