Streak keeps asking me to login

The Streak extension uses cookies to remember when you're logged into Streak. The best way to use Streak, and to not be frequently asked to re-login to Streak, is by having the following settings:

  1. Make sure your browser isn't using any ad blocking extensions, including not using Ghostery and Privacy Badger.
  2. Check your browser settings and make sure you have cookies enabled.
  3. Don't clear cookies when closing the current browser session.

Streak remembers login sessions based on setting a cookie in your browser. If the cookie is not able to be set and/or cleared out after your browser session then you will be prompted to re-login to Streak.

Also, if you use Streak for multiple Gmail accounts in the same browser you may see the prompt to login for each individual email account.

Pro Tip - Create separate Chrome Profiles and use Streak in one profile and use another profile for all other browsing.

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