If you're a team owner in Streak, you can add new users to your team from the Billing and Teams page.

  1. Click the Streak menu item in Gmail's top bar.

  2. Select the Manage Billing and Teams icon.

  3. To the right of Members, select "Add/Remove Team Members." 

This will open a new window with your current team displayed on the left side and your future team on the right.

Adding a user to your team

When a new user is added to your team, they will receive an invite email directly from us. After installing the extension, they can accept the invite to join your team and access its pipelines.

  • Enter their name or email address into the field at the bottom of the right side and click the Add button.

  • Click the Continue button.

  • Confirm the new details by pressing "Save Changes"

Adding a user to a paid team will immediately charge the credit card on file to activate their paid account. These users will have immediate access to the features included in your plan.

Removing a user from your team

When a user is removed from your team, all of their box data (e.g. notes, comments, meeting notes, call logs, etc) will be retained. 

Email data will be affected. There is more information on that here.

  • Click the X icon to the right of the right of their entry on the right side of the window.

  • Click the Continue button.

  • Confirm and click "Save Changes"

Team permissions vs pipeline permissions

Team permissions are separate from pipeline permissions. You set pipeline visibility and control access at the individual pipeline level. You can choose a subset of your team to view a specific pipeline. This article discusses in further depth how to change pipeline permissions.

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