If you are the team's payer, you can manage your invoices directly from the Billing and Teams page.

Past invoices

  1. Click the Streak icon in Gmail's top bar

  2. Select the Manage Billing and Teams option at the bottom of the sidebar

  3. Under Invoices you'll find information about your most recent invoice.

  4. You can view past invoices by selecting Show All Invoices

All prior invoices can be sent as emails to yourself and other parties if necessary.

Looking for a PDF copy of your Streak invoice? Go to Gmail's print settings and change the destination to "Save as PDF" (in Chrome). You can also email us for a link to download.

Opt-in to emailed receipts 

Underneath the information about your most recent invoice, you'll find the option to receive invoices as emails

Need additional recipients or information on your invoice?

You can add additional recipients (such as your company's accounting department) to these emails by following these steps:

  1. Ensure the option above is checked.

  2. Click the Show More Invoice Options link

  3. Add the additional recipient(s) in the Additional Invoice Recipients field. The field accepts a comma separated list.

If your invoices need to be customized with a company name, address, or VAT number, this can be added in the Include Address on Invoice field.

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