If you have a series of tasks that need to be completed for each stage of your pipeline, you can configure Zapier to create one (or multiple tasks) the moment a box enters that stage.

This is accomplished by using a Streak-to-Streak connection in Zapier that relies on our Box Change Stage trigger.

Set your trigger

  1. Select Streak as your app

  2. Choose Box Change Stage as your trigger

  3. Select your Pipeline and Stage (optionally) that you want to trigger this workflow

  4. Continue as necessary through Zapier's test steps.

Streak's integration with Zapier has a Create Task action that you can leverage to then individually create tasks you want associated with this stage

Create a task

  1. Select Streak as your app

  2. Choose Create Task as your action

  3. Fill in information for Box Name or Key using the Box Key from the first step (you can see all of these by clicking the button to the right of the input field).

  4. Enter the name of the task in the Text field.

After this has been set-up, you can fill in optional information like:

  • Due date –  Using a variable like Last Updated Timestamp and following Zapier's date conventions, you can create a task due after a relative amount of days from the task's creation.

  • Assignee – By default this will automatically be assigned to the task's creator (you). If parts of this workflow belong to someone else, you can assign them this task in advanced using this field.

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