If this is your first time using Streak, we recommend using and installing our browser extensions to get the full experience of Streak.

The add-on brings some of Streak's functionality to the mobile Gmail app for Android and browsers that are unsupported at this time.

Requirements for installation

If you're not on a G Suite account (and have an @gmail.com address), you can install the add-on without any additional steps.

To install an add-on for a G Suite account, your company's G Suite administrator will need to first enable the ability for G Suite team members to install add-ons.


  • Open the Streak CRM Add-on for Gmail in the G Suite Marketplace
  • After installation, all devices with access to your account will have the add-on installed going forward. 
  • If you are your company's G Suite super administrator, installing the Streak add-on will install it domain-wide.

Please note: It may take as long as 24 hours after installation for the add-on to appear on all of your devices.

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