If someone on your team leaves the company (or no longer needs access to Streak), you can remove them from your Streak Team via the Teams dashboard.

When you remove a user from your Streak Team, their boxes, pipelines, notes, and activity will still be accessible by the remaining users that currently have access to the Team's shared pipelines. Any boxes and/or tasks that were assigned to this user will be unassigned when they are removed from your team. If you would like to have their boxes reassigned to another user, please contact Streak Support for help before removing the user from the Team.

Email messages/threads they shared to boxes will become inaccessible unless another user in your team was on the message/thread. If the messages were only shared by the removed user, the messages will be considered outside of your team and will be inaccessible.

Want to remove a user from your Streak team but preserve their emails in a pipeline?

- Note: Be sure to also read the “What happens if I close down a user’s Google Workspace email account?” section below.

If your team needs to retain the emails connected to the teammate you’re removing, our Guest Mode feature will help with this. The first step is to ‘Allow Guest Mode’ from your Teams page:

Guest Mode is available at no additional cost. Once you check the box to allow guest mode:

  1. Head to the pipeline where the removed users' emails originally were

  2. Navigate to the pipeline permission settings

  3. Add the removed user’s email as a guest

  4. Save changes

Guest mode allows the emails of the removed teammate’s inbox to stay inside any boxes they may have added those emails to. Guests will automatically only have "Can View" access regardless of their pipeline role.

I received this message when trying to access a teammates email on a thread, how do I fix it?

If a user was removed from the Streak team, or somehow that inbox revoked Streak’s permission to access the data in that inbox - you’ll see the above note when trying to view emails in a pipeline. To regain access to the emails:

  1. Log back into the owner of the emails inbox

  2. Install Streak if it’s not already installed and enable it inside this inbox

  3. Authenticate Streak

What happens if I close down a user’s Google Workspace email account?

If a user’s Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) email account is closed down or deactivated, any email threads and/or files Boxed by that user will be no longer accessible from inside of Streak. This means the following data from the deleted user will no longer be accessible:

  • Shared emails

  • Attachments (from shared emails) will be removed from boxes within Streak

  • File uploads

Streak does not store the contents of your Google data on our servers. Deleting an email account from your Google Workspace account will delete all emails and files associated with it. Additionally, migrating the email threads to another G Suite account may cause the emails and files to be no longer accessible inside of your pipelines.

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