With the redesign of Gmail, Google added all new functionality and changed the way Gmail inboxes both look and feel. As a result, a few changes were made to Streak.

Snooze functionality

The new Gmail includes its own snooze option for threads.

To avoid any duplication of features, we no longer support the Snooze functionality that was built into Streak. Any email threads you snoozed with Streak will remain that way, though, and resurface as expected. You can access these threads in a folder in the left navigation bar titled Snoozed by Streak.

Gmail's snooze option requires Conversation View to be on (which we also recommend for Streak). 

If you're familiar with our old feature, the Snooze Only If No One Replies option is now the default for Gmail's snooze. If there's a reply, the email will be un-Snoozed and return to inbox.

Streak utilizes the (collapsible) sidebar feature that Gmail displays to the right of your emails.

 The features now placed in the sidebar are: 

Hover actions

Streak's box icon has moved to the Hover actions (on by default) list. Placing your cursor over an email will reveal the icon alongside archive, trash, mark un/read, and snooze:

Always show the box icon

To make the box icon appear without hovering, you will need to disable hover actions. When hover actions are disabled in Gmail, the icon will appear in the left. You can turn hover actions off from your Gmail Settings.

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