Streak makes it easy to organize your emails by adding them to boxes in your pipelines. Once added, you'll see the details of each box in the Streak sidebar while viewing that email thread, and the email will appear in the box timeline.

This article covers:

  • Adding an email when viewing it
  • Adding emails from your inbox
  • Adding a new email from the compose window
  • Adding an email to more than one box or pipeline

Add an email when viewing it

While viewing an email, open the Streak sidebar by clicking the Streak icon on the right side of your screen. More details here.

  • Add the email to an existing box: select a suggested box from the sidebar or begin typing in the search field to find an existing item.
  • Create a new box with the email: Click a pipeline icon to add the email to a new box in that pipeline.

Add emails from your inbox 

You can add more than one email to a box by selecting multiple threads in your inbox and adding them to a new or existing box in the sidebar.

  1. Select one or more emails by marking the check boxes next to each email in your inbox .
  2. Click the Streak icon in the right-hand sidebar.
  3. Create a new box in one of your pipelines, select a suggested existing box, or search for an existing box in the sidebar.
  4. After associating the email thread(s) to a box, you will see the box indicator in your inbox view change from grey to orange.

Add a new email from the compose window

Compose a new email and add it to a new or existing box from the compose window to track outgoing emails. 

  1. When composing a new email message, click the More Tools icon at the bottom of the draft.
  2. Click the Streak Add to Box icon.
  3. Search for and add to an existing box, or create a new box in the menu options.

Add an email to more than one box

Add an email to more than one box or pipeline to track information and share updates across multiple team processes.

  1. Add an email to a box from the sidebar, or open the sidebar while viewing an email that has already been added to a box.
  2. Click the back button in the top left of the sidebar.
  3. Click " + Add to pipeline" to add to another box or pipeline.
  4. Use the back button to navigate to the pipeline overview in the sidebar, click on a box overview to view details, or add the email to additional pipelines as needed.
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