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Streak has two methods of writing a formula – JavaScript and Spreadsheet formula. This latter method is similar to the language used to write formula in Google Sheets and Excel, but has a select few of their supported functions.

Spreadsheet formulas still require column references to be written in our column notation – a column named Deal Size will need to be referenced as $'Deal Size'  in the formula. They do not support range references at the moment. 

Supported functions


The only logical function supported at the moment is IF. This evaluates as follows:

= IF(Logical expression, Value if true, Value if false) 

This can be used to evaluate a column that determines cost-per-user pricing based on a column for Subscription type.

= IF($'Subscription type' = 'Annual', 49, 59) 


Number functions often support additional values in a comma-separated list. 

We indicate optional values below by surrounding them in brackets and using ellipses. Required values and arguments will not be surrounded by brackets.

= AVERAGE(value 1, [value 2, ...])
= CEILING(value, factor)
= EVEN(value)
= MAX(value 1, [value 2, ...])
= MEDIAN(value 1, [value 2, ...])
= MOD(dividend, divisor)
= MODE(value 1, [value 2, ...])
= ROUND(value, [places])
= ROUNDDOWN(value, [places])
= ROUNDUP(value, [places])
= SUM(value 1, [value 2, ...])
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