Streak shows you the existence of your team’s unshared emails in the box timeline and while you’re viewing a thread that has unshared emails in it.

Ask your team member to share their emails by requesting access in Streak. They'll get an email with your request, have a chance to review the unshared email thread, and can either accept or deny the request.

Unshared emails in the box view

To request access from the box view:

  1. click on the grayed out email in the box timeline
  2. click "request access" in the drop-down menu on the right

Unshared emails in the thread view

In the above example:

  1. Andrew sent an email to Frank and cc’d Nikola
  2. Frank sends one reply to everybody, and then another email where they only replied to Nikola. The second reply is not in Andrew’s inbox, so Andrew must request access to the unshared email.
  3. Nikola will get an email request to share the email (below).

Once your team member shares the email, you'll be able to see the full email content. You can then view and reply all to your team’s shared email.

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